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a ride for africa

Give Kenya a tomorrow
push hard on the pedals


2500 Km of cycling and passion in Iceland to fight malnutrition in Africa

Connections Cycling is a sport charity challenge. It comes from the idea of exploiting our passion, cycling, to help people.


While traveling we realized how lucky we were to grow up in an environment that allowed us to pursue our dreams. Unfortunately, around the world there are children who have to give up everything because they are trying to survive.


In Siaya County in Kenya malnutrition is one of the main causes of infant death and the children's lives are at risk from the first hours of life.


We will ride over 2500 kilometers in Iceland not only for ourselves but to defend the rights of these children.

How? Supporting "Amref Health Africa" the largest African health organization.


The proceeds of this fundraising will be entirely donated to promote health development in Africa by funding 10 outreach, first assistance and training interventions.


We want to make a change
but in order to do that we need you.



One euro per kilometer.

That’s all it takes


4148 EURO/ 5000 EURO


0 KM/ 2500 KM

In Kenya there are many rural communities that do not have access to health services because they are too far away. Amref, in order to combat malnutrition in Siaya County, carries out home medical interventions called Outreach. The aim of these interventions is to treat thousands of children under the age of 5 through first aid (vitamin A supplements, de-worming, pediatric care, growth monitoring) and to spread knowledge and education by providing communities with good practices for the prevention of malnutrition.


Each outreach costs 250 euros! Our goal is to be able to make 10 for a total of 2500 euros, just like the Kilometers we will travel to reach Iceland!


The principle is very simple: we will do all the hard work by completing the 2500 km, you help us to achieve 10 outrech with a small donation! It doesn't take much!

How to support 

Cycling Connections:

1. Pedal with us


Donate 1 euro for every kilometer you want to sponsor. We need your help to get to the bottom! Every stage conquered will allow the realization of an outreach!


2. Talk aobut us:

 Every big change starts with every single person, help us share this campaign, talk about us to your friends, through your social profiles, forums or blogs. Wherever you want!


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